Solvent Effect on HTM free printable solar cells

Issuing time:2016-07-14 16:59

Jiangzhao Chen’s article titled "Solvent Effect on the hole-conductor-free fully printable perovskite solar cells" was received by Nano Energy. Solvent effect was systematically studied on the hole-conductor-free fully printable perovskite solar cells. It was found that the polarity and viscosity of solvents possess a significant effect on the wettability of perovskite precursor solution for both of mesoscopic carbon counter electrode films and metal dioxide layers. The wettability and the stability of intermediate phases influence crystallization and filling of perovskite in mesoporous films. Due to the suitable interplay and compromise of polarity, viscosity, wettability and coordination ability, DMF/DMSO (0.93:0.07, v/v) solvent-based device achieved a promising PCE of 13.89% under 100 mW cm−2 simulated sunlight illumination.

DOI: 10.1016/j.nanoen.2016.06.047

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