Dr. Xiong Li from EPFL visited our lab

Issuing time:2016-04-18 09:25

Dr. Xiong Li of Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland, visited the laboratory.

On March 8, 2016, Dr. Xiong Li from the Federal University of technology in Lausanne, Switzerland, visited the Wuhan National Laboratory of optoelectronics. An academic report titled “Research progress of perovskite solar cell: morphology control, stability and industrialization” was held in the meeting room A302 at 4 pm. It was hosted by professor Hongwei Han of Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics.

In the report, Dr. Xiong Li mainly introduced the research work and achievements since the end of 2013 he joined the group of Michael Grätzel of Federal Institute of technology in Lausanne, Switzerland. Dr. Xiong Li improved photoelectric conversion efficiency and stability of the perovskite solar cells through chemical modification on the surface of the perovskite, perovskite crystallization process and morphology control of perovskite. He successfully increased the international maximum efficiency of large area (>1cm2) perovskite solar cells from 15.6% to 19.6%, and had passed the solar cell stability test, making the perovskite solar cell further towards industrialization direction. Dr. Xiong Li 's report concisely and clearly described the current development trends and prospects of the perovskite solar cells ,and also pointed out the problems and solutions. Teachers and students had a lot of benefits from the report.

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